Commercial Led

In the world of lighting, you can commonly find ‘high bay lights’ in places such as a warehouse, a factory, a gym, or any open industrial and commercial area with reasonably high ceilings.

There are different styles and options, wattages and configurations. Traditional high bay luminaires that were usually installed, were Mercury Vapour; then replaced with High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide bulbs. These fixtures have a high energy consumption due to their outdated technology. Moreover the older high bays require a rather prolonged warm up time, anywhere from four to seven minutes. Also, same as with other obsolete lights, the fact that mercury vapour lamps contain mercury is a cause for concern in users. Because of this, they cannot be disposed of easily.

Likewise, businesses started to convert over from fluorescent technology. Even fluorescent tubes went through a change, from T12, to T10, to T8.Recently, LED technology has taken remarkable leap forward; LED lighting is now more effective and the costs have dramatically reduced making this technology affordable for most businesses; pay back periods have dropped exponentially and rebates to purchase are available. LED lighting must be thought more as a technology as opposed to just a light source. The ability turn on and off instantly and be part of a control network means that it is more than just a light, it is a system.

With this type of lighting upgrade installed, you can expect 65% or greater savings over the older lighting setups.

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